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The company:

Magerit is a Spanish company made up of professionals whose knowledge and great experience in the field of fine jewellery cultivates designs distinguished by a high degree of both creativity and originality.

When founded in 1994, it was important to the creators to embrace the essence of Spanish culture. The headquarters were established in the heart of Spain, and even the company’s name, Magerit, an ancient name for the thriving city of Madrid, reflects this. Like the meaning behind the name, ‘place of many streams’, Magerit draws inspiration from many cultures to create exquisite pieces of art, which are as unique as the people who wear them.

Magerit takes pride in making top-quality artisanal jewellery. From creating bespoke personal designs to highly original and refreshing pieces, Magerit’s foremost objective is to breathe new life into the traditional jewellery industry. With the increasing global outreach, the company displays its collections in many top jewellery exhibitions, and has developed strong roots both domestically and within the international market.

Product line and employees:

It is an important part of the company’s product philosophy to distance itself from the standard selection of jewellery products. Magerit has built a reputation of uncompromising commitment to providing its customers with jewellery of utmost quality and uniqueness. Strong internal culture and collaboration between employees helps effectively oversee the process of product development and ensure strict quality control.

Magerit has used the unlimited ingenuity and the savoir-faire of its jewelers to the fullest to develop its own distinctive and characterised style of portraying the aesthetic appeal of natural and historic motifs within its collections. The original artisanal skills of craftsmen combined with modern technologies enable the creation of jewels which encompass both novelty and personality.

An important attribute of Magerit jewels is their serial number, which is engraved on individual pieces and which guarantees their exclusive nature as a unique, hand-crafted item. Distinguishing design and superior quality are Magerit products’ main features which differentiate the brand from other jewellery producers in the industry.

Corporate ethics:

Magerit is committed to responsible jewellery practices and fully supports and complies with the Kimberley Process. The process was designed to prevent conflict diamonds, or “blood diamonds”, from entering the global rough diamond market. It helps to assure consumers that by purchasing diamonds they are not financing war or human rights abuses. Magerit uses the best raw materials from legitimate sources not involved with funding conflicts and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions, who subsequently share the same corporate ethics as the company.